The guayabera, a typical garment that changes designs and colors

The guayabera, one of the traditional garments used by Guayaquil residents, due to its comfort (made of cotton, embroidered and with four pockets, top and bottom) has its origin in Cuba, in the 19th century.

According to Juan Carlos Orellana, manager of Orellana guayaberas, this garment has evolved over the years and that was shown in an exhibition held in the aforementioned place, in Escobedo between Clemente Ballén and Aguirre.

This was part of a tribute to Guayaquil, which on July 25 celebrated 484 years of founding process.

Parading with different models of guayaberas, young people showed the transformations in design.

Orellana He said that Cuba popularized the guayabera and that in 1920 its design changed influenced by revolutionary movements on the island.

The garment arrived in Europe after a few years. In Spain and France its design was also modified. In this last country they placed smaller pockets and varied their collar.

In the 1940s, the garment reached the Pacific area. Guayaquil was one of the first cities to adopt its use.

“The landowners used it here at the beginning. Guayaquileans identify with the guayabera because it is comfortable, light, cool, because it is white, Guayaquileans like to wear white," Orellana said.

He indicated that since 2000 this garment had a rebound. "Perhaps because public figures used it, the garment was reborn in the city," he said and indicated that in the last decade the designs he makes have been interspersed with other colors. (YO)


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